We have recently partnered with Balanced Training Rescue, Inc. (BTRI), a wonderful dog rescue organization located in Hawaii. Through this partnership, Jeff's Pack accepts rescue dogs that have been carefully selected by BTRI, vetted and transported to Providence, RI. Once here, we off-leash train the dogs and adopt them out to families who are committed to the balanced training philosophy and lifestyle.

Each of these dogs, who were likely to be euthanized at a shelter not long ago, become known as "Jeff's Pack Ambassador Dogs." To us, they represent what dedication, balanced training and knowledge can do for all dogs and what we hope Jeff's Pack, through seminars for shelters and rescues, can offer to many more dogs and the humans that care for them.

Below are the Ambassador Dogs that are currently in Providence and available for adoption. If you are interested in adopting a dog, please complete the Adoption Application below the photos.