Our Mission

Jeff's Pack is a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation dedicated to improving the lives of dogs by the use of a balanced training philosophy.

Founded in 2012 by Jeff Gellman, Jeff's Pack originally focused on rescuing dogs, rehabilitating and then adopting them out as transformed and balanced dogs. Although this approach led to the placement of numerous dogs in forever homes, there were still countless dogs, rescue organizations and owners who remained untouched.

We wanted Jeff's Pack to have an even greater impact.

Since 2014, Jeff has traveled the world for his RV Dog Trainer seminar series. During each seminar, Jeff works with groups of 20 to 30 dog owners, trainers, rescue and shelter employees. Because of the success of these seminars, we know this model of sharing information is how we can best help people and dogs in need. The two videos below show the inspiration behind the RV Dog Trainer Seminars and the positive impact on dogs and the people who work with them.

In December 2015, Jeff's oldest personal dogs, Uma, unexpectedly passed away at the age of 12. Uma had spent her entire life helping Jeff in rehabilitating thousands of dogs, specializing in helping in the rehabilitation of aggressive dogs. The photograph below was taken 10 days before Uma's death at the RV Dog Training seminar in Lexington, Texas, where Uma worked with a dog-aggressive dog. 

To honor Uma's memory, Jeff's Pack has been repurposed from its original mission.  The donations to Jeff's Pack now allow Jeff to travel around the world holding RV Seminar-style workshops for dogs and people who would not otherwise be able to afford training. In this way, Jeff will be able to have a greater impact on shelters, rescues and other non-profit organizations that embrace a balanced training philosophy.